Logis Connect Achieves Lock-Up at Stage 3


Stage 1 of the development, being the construction of the warehouses was completed in February. This was a great milestone achieved for the project. 

The construction of the petrol station, being Stage 2, is progressing well. Power was energised to the building last week. Coinciding with this, is the construction of the slip lane works along Greens Rd, which is due for completion by the end of the month. Following this completion, the petrol station will soon be in operation. 

Stage 3, being the construction of the two multi-level commercial buildings is also well underway. Both buildings have successfully ‘topped out’. The façade framing is complete and the cladding has started to be affixed to both buildings. As of last week, Building B has achieved ‘lock-up’, with Building C soon to follow. This is a big milestone for the project. 

Subject to any unexpected delays, we are forecasting Stage 3 to be complete in Q4 2020.