Pomeroy's Annual FightMND Fundraiser!


This year is the 10th consecutive year that FightMND has been running! What an incredible achievement with $97m already invested in research and care.

This year we wanted to go above and beyond. In addition to our annual Ice Bucket Challenge with Vlora Thaqi, Yanik Salgadoe, and Jack Dowe enduring the icy water, we also held a Chilli Challenge where only the toughest of the tough competed.

The second challenge, won by Megan Cullen was the expertly curated Pomeroy quiz, which challenged the teams knowledge of each other and everything unique to the Pomeroy brand.

And of course, no FightMND charity fundraiser would be complete without FightMND beanies and socks being purchased and worn by our staff.

We are proud to announce that we have so far successfully raised $1,589. Such an amazing effort from the team!