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Value Creation and
Risk Mitigation

Premium Services

With Pomeroy Pacific’s extensive network and industry reach, we work closely with our Clients to source viable development opportunities supported by reliable due diligence assessments, including feasibility and yield analysis.

In addition, Pomeroy Pacific often co‐invest in projects with our Clients and can provide joint venture partners where required.

Services include:

  • Finding viable development opportunities
  • Property acquisition services
  • Undertaking detailed pre-purchaser Due Diligence
  • Review of contracts, leases and other such documents
  • Finance and investment evaluation
  • Financial structuring
  • Sourcing Joint Venture capital
  • Preparation of Board Reports
  • Portfolio management
  • Analysis and market research
  • Business Case preparation
  • Financier representation

The Pomeroy Pacific acquisitions department has had a standout year in FY16/17 (VIC), assisting its Clients to identify and secure over $200m in viable development opportunities.

Recent Pomeroy Pacific acquisitions include:

To find out more information about how the acquisitions team can assist you, please call +61 3 8825 6777 (VIC) or +61 2 82316632 (NSW). Alternatively, please send an email to