Have you heard about Pomeroy Capital?

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Have you heard about Pomeroy Capital?

We offer a risk free approach where our clients have no upfront fees, no mandate to sign, no exclusivity and no success fee. Flynn De Freitas, our Capital Advisory Director draws on over 15 years of debt and equity expertise to provide our clients with solutions that allow projects to proceed on the most flexible and competitive terms available in the market. If you would like to learn more about how Flynn and his team will secure the best debt and or equity for you, please contact Whitney McLaren on 0422 220 061 or email whitney.mclaren@pomeroypacific.com.au today!

More specifically, Pomeroy’s Capital Advisory core services include:

  • Senior debt facilities
  • Stretch senior debt facilities
  • Mezzanine (second mortgage) debt facilities
  • Preferential equity investment
  • Joint venture equity partners
  • Residual stock loan facilities (release of equity profits from completed property)
  • Early equity release loan facilities (release of equity profit pre-settlement)

In less than 18 months, Pomeroy’s Capital Advisory team have been involved in debt and equity transactions nearing $400M and utilises a network of funders from around Australia and all over the globe. When selecting a debt or equity provider, one needs to understand precisely why that funder would choose to fund your specific deal. It is no longer enough to simply have a relationship with one or two groups and this is where we excel. By knowing the key drivers of all our funders, we are able to connect your deal with the right funder and unlock projects whilst extract the best commercial terms.